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Digi – Subject Module Program (IFA)

20 Hours Module


As part of empowering Knowledge beyond Certification program, we are launching this module for Digi members to enhance the professional competence. This program will help its participant to achieve the overall learning on chosen subject.

We will launch Module of learning on four Topics where each topic will be covered in 20 hrs in Off line –class mode. Supplementary test on on-line mode will also be conducted.

The Modules are–

1.Insight to Macro Economics.

2.Insight to Debt Market.

3.Insight to Equity Market and Valuation.

4.Insight to Mutual Fund –Practical Program for IFA.

Program Details :—-

The curriculum has been designed to assist a working IFA needs and his application in conducting normal sales Job. The study material and course test have been developed in house.

a ) In Macro Economics, all parameters impacting market will be analyzed and relationship between these parameter as such Inflation/Interest Rate/Forex Rate/liquidity/Fiscal and Monetary will be learnt. Case Study involving Economy and an Investment portfolio will be discussed.

b) Debt market curriculum will cover concept on Yield and Risk. In the risk segment we will cover important risk like Interest rate risk/ credit risk/default risk. How and why debt portfolio gets impacted. A though study on factors effecting debt portfolio shall be also included in curriculum.

c) Equity Market curriculum will analyze the valuation process and factor that impact the equity. A part of Macro economy shall also be covered to understand why equity is indispensable asset class. Risk of equity and building equity portfolio will be analyzed as well.

d) The Mutual fund Insight is working program on building Portfolio/ rebalancing portfolio/reading and concluding fact sheet. It would empower a working IFA in improving his sales experience. DigiGurukul will also offer some in house researched tools to assist you in achieving your objective.

Fee :—

The course is in off line mode with minimum batch size 15 and maximum of 25 only. The fee for the course will be decided by DigiGurukul considering all the factors.


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