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Digi Gurukul – Student & Capital Market Integration

Level 3

As part of empowering Skill and learning in the field of Financial Service, this program facilitates entry of a student and professional into Capital market Business. It deals in both about setting up a successful Security firm or  engaging  as  a dealer / employee with Bank /AMC / Broking firm distribution and consultancy of financial product.

Student equipped with these set of Skills are in constant demand from financial industry. The opportunity to excel as an entrepreneur is also high given the available skill set and rising demand of quality consultant in the financial sector.

NISM ( VA) :  Mutual fund distribution:

Within the Financial sector, the Mutual Fund is the fastest  emerging  Financial  Institution.  Not only  has  it  offered great opportunity of wealth creation but also employment opportunity  both as independent  advisor to the Wealth creation  process and  as an  employee  of  this  emerging Business.

The curriculum includes detailed study as per NISM VA index covering all aspect of Mutual fund from Definition / classification / investment / acc- ounting/valuation/portfolio creation and technical parameter like risk return of Mutual fund Scheme.

Amidst a hope of a better tomorrow, we have decided to  offer  a  Class  room  preparatory  program of this NISm certification called NISM VA – MF distributor. We are offering you a 30 hrs program for participant. We  will  provide  you  class room connect, study material, reference Book, Mock test/ MCQ practice set and experienced Industry faculty.

NISM (VIII) :  Equity Derivative:

  Brooking business is undergoing great transformation while  expanding in geography,  in product and in  technology.  The  retail  participation has expanded the digital footprint and so greater understanding on equity market trading skill is now in demand.

NISM VIII equity derivative program by  NISM  is a  regulatory  program to  enable once certification to dealing both cash and derivative segment of equity market. The course curriculum include Security market architecture/ risk/ risk management/trading/settlement and compliance issue.

We offer you full insight into this module through  40 hrs of on  line  and off line class room support aided with class room connect, study materia- l, reference Book, Mock test/ MCQ practice set and experienced Industry faculty.

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