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Digi – IFA Business Excellence Program

One Year with 12 Day

Objective of the program:–

As part of empowering existing IFA for Business excellence, a summary program has been conceived and launched. This program is for working IFA who are willing to learn new skill set and are ready to accept Knowledge up-gradation as route to success. Our Industry expert and  successful IFA in the field of financial intermediation has compiled the challenging areas and its remedy through series of program. The total program  has been designed in 12 episode, each catering to one day a month engagement. The faculty for the program has been shortlisted from a cache of All India List.   The program topics balances between soft skill and domain knowledge both.

Program Details: —-

The full day event has been divided into 12 parts in a calendar year. The topic as illustrated below have been  pre  decided. The  participant are apprised on practical aspect of the topics and one to one supervision during the training day is ensured to see optimum benefits. The  participant shall be provided with need based working and support material to carry. Soft copy of presentation wherever required shall also be provided with. We will ensure periodic mock test during the pendency of program is conducted in an on line or off line format.

  • Identifying the mind set of advisors by psychometric analysis.
  • Attitude and growth – mind set development
  • Calculation required to make a financial plan
  • How to select an equity mutual fund based on parameter.
  • How to use technology to grow your business- BSE/NSE platform/ Google App.
  • Marketing strategy for client acquisition.
  • Behavioral finance
  • Business model and their adaptability
  • Business Strategy : Spin selling
  • Money Management / Alternate investment and opportunity
  • Macro parameter and how they affect market return.
  • Presentation Skill – IAP presentation.

Fee: —

This being a pilot program. We have kept the fee at minimum and is communicated on query.

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