Ist Sample Question:

  • Which among the following is False ?
  • Capital Market is source of raising new Capital.
  • Capital Market facilitates price discovery of security.
  • Capital market offer liquidity to the Participant.
  • Capital Market neutralizes Risk involved in the security.
  • The Price/ Earning Valuation of Capital Market can explain ….
  • Whether the market is expensive or cheaper in relative Term.
  • Whether the market is expensive or cheaper in absolute term.
  • Whether one should buy into a market or sell.
  • None of the above.
  • Which among the following is false Statement?
  • The forward PE multiple consider present market price at forward EPS.
  • The current PE multiple considers present market price at present EPS.
  • The trailing PE multiple considers Present Market Price at previous EPS.
  • None of the above.
  • Which is false statement in respect to EPS?
  • EPS is earning of a Share (PAT) per share holder in a financial year.
  • Sensex EPS is cumulative EPS of all individual Company of SENSEX.
  •  A Growing EPS is symbol of growth in an Economy.
  • SENSEX EPS and NIFTY EPS have shown opposite movement in past.
  • Which is correct among the following statement?
  • A Rising SENSEX always means a rising EPS.
  • A Rising SENSEX means Lowering of PE Multiple.
  • EPS and PE multiple moves in same direction always.
  • None of the above.

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