Question Set :- dated – 30 Jan 2020

  1. If the Sensex if at 41000 and current EPS of sensex is 1420, what is current PE multiple ?
  • If the Nifty is at 12000 and is trading at current PE of 29, What is current EPS of NIFTY Stock ?
  • If a company has issued 200 Cr Share at price of Rs 100 each and is trading at Price of 500 What is Market capitalization?
  • If a Company Share is issued at PAR Rs 10 is trading at 100 and has declared 100% dividend, What is dividend Yield ?
  • If a Company Share is issued for face value of Rs 10 at 100 and is available for trading at 200. It has declared a dividend Rs 5 per share, What is Dividend Yield ?

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